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How will you formally dance in a prom? 11/21/2009

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Do u have any idea at all about prom dance? I guess not at all. Let the above video help you.

Share the experience with your  schoolmates and classmates. Kindly post in here whatever

output you will gather  from the sharing. So others may have some insights on the formal way of dancing in a prom.


Prom Etiquette Tips..

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Guys, still confused  about  what to do during the dining part of  the JS Prom party? We’ll let the video above guide you properly. I strongly recommend that you role-play this  one to understand it better.  Enjoy and have fun!


Promenade date for girls…. 11/20/2009

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To have someone ,may it be special or not as a date to any party  will  thrill most  girls.  I will also feel the same way. You might have an idea whom to date for your prom as you look at the handsome men in here. Take caution always in going with any date as you remember your limitations.


Promenade date for boys…..

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Promenade will also feel a bit boring if you couldn’t find a date. May it be a group or pair date.  Having any of the gorgeous girls here for a date,the promenade will surely be something to remember as always.


JS Prom Accessories

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Promenade looks will be empty without the bodily accessories. I find this one unique because of its color if ever I will be given the chance to have my JS Prom accessories.  I do love the earrings,shoes,bangles, necklace,pouch and the bag. It feels cool and feminine. It’s also nice to try something new and unique.


JS Prom Attire Ornamental Clothing

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Choosing clothes to wear  during promenade is indeed a difficult task to do. The one in the pictures may give you some idea. The conservatives one may find it agressive. Yet, it’s about time to do something different still within your limits. The boys will find it too formal. This is a good thing for the young men to have a taste of formality.


The Spirit of the Promenade 11/19/2009

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Promenade according to the  started in the 1920’s in the US and is the Classic American rite of passage for students from all walks of life.  It has been copied by other countries in the world. The  Philippines  is not left behind from  it. When Promenade invades  the high school world, it  gives  more color to the juniors and seniors’ life. They are looking forward every year for the celebration of JS Prom.

I  also have something to share with you.  That  it may sound obsolete for some people yet it could somehow help them out in the dilemna they will be into by the time they will have  JS Prom  . I  was fidgety at that time because I do not have  a  dress to wear yet and the looks that I would have for our JS Prom.  The lack of resources  for we belong to the low income generating family, made  the situation worst. I was then hesitant to go to the promenade but my mother encouraged me to attend the affair or as she said that  I will  miss half of my life.  Mother  really knows best as the saying goes for I indeed enjoyed our JS Prom which was held at the People Center of Tacloban City. My mother look  for  ways so that I could have something to wear and to put on my face. I was too shy to walk down the aisle as I joined my other classmates. I was also too shy to dance with one of the boys in my class that I just danced with a group of girls so I wouldn’t even be identified as “a-wall-flower”.  The party lasted for  7 hours  with lots of  dancing,eating,chatting and merry making. We also enjoyed the JS Prom program like the awarding for the JS Prom King and Queen and the cotillion dance.  Some of my schoolmates  and classmates didn’t go home directly right after the prom. They have gone to the nearby beach resort. They drank alcohol and smoke cigarettes a lot. Do u think  they should do such a thing after the promenade?  Have you also done the same act with what my former classmates did?   I just made my way home together with some schoolmates and classmates. We went home  happy and contented especially those who received flowers and gifts from their beau.

Do you have some JS Prom experiences that you would like to share with me? I love to hear from your own shared experiences.


My Unforgettable Experience in Camp Blog 11/18/2009

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My unforgettable experiences  in Camp Blog 1B  were  one of a rare kind chance to be included in Camp Blog1B and to be able to have a view and taste for the first time of Clark,Airfield Pampanga  particularly in Mimosa Estate.

The daily tasks and interactions  performed during the Camp Blog training are also to be considered one of my unforgettable experiences. The new learnings  given to us by well-verse resource speakers and the sharing of brilliant ideas among participants  makes the training more productive.  Achieving something   at the end of every lectures is another fulfilling effect.

The accomodation and assistance given to us participants are something to be noted and appreciated of.  The incredible chance of meeting face to face the talented educators from UP-OU is something which hard to forget. They served as an inspirations for me as I battle the odds in the  world of  formal learnings.

Meeting new friends from the other part of the country and learning also their cultures are something to be treasured of in the next days of my life. Those learnings I have gained from here will be kept and will be shared with my colleagues.


My first video

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Here is a new link

This is a link to ischools camp blog


why did i choose this topic for blogging? 11/17/2009

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